Top 5 Uses for a Pole Barn Structure

Are you running out of room? Need a garage or workshop, or more space to expand a business? Thinking a new building would be ideal? A pole barn-type building is the most cost-effective, easiest expansion you can make.

 Pole Barns are easy to construct. You can build it yourself from our kit, or we can build it for you. Pole Barn construction can be done in a week.* We get requests for pole barns every day and no two requests or expected uses are the same. The beauty of a pole barn is: the variety of uses is unending. Many people build a garage or secondary structure for additional storage room. But we also build horse barns, cow barns and milking sheds, RV storage and boat storage, workshops, small business buildings, commercial warehouses, houses, retail stores, park pavilions, and farm equipment storage buildings. Pole Barns are not the old-fashioned building from years ago. You are not limited to the simple, plain, rectangular building with “shed roof” style any longer. Today, the structure can look any way you want, and be as plain (functional) or detailed as you wish.

Here are the Top 5 Uses for a Pole Barn Structure

From 1- or 2-car garages for your home, to oversized buildings to hold a tractor trailer, we can (and do) build them all. Everything from un-insulated garages to insulated workshops to energy-efficient buildings.


Pole barns can be used for any sort of agricultural building, from fully enclosed buildings to run-in shelters to pavilion style buildings. Also, equipment storage buildings, with extra-wide sliding doors to hold large farm equipment like combine harvesters, hay storage buildings, greenhouses, and multi-use structures.


Pole barn structure is a very cost-effective way to build a new home! Dual occupancy, such as home/business combo buildings are ideally suited for pole barn structure.


Pole barn construction means your show room can run the width of the building, plenty of space for office/administrative, and room for a shop or truck access in the back half of the building. Tell us what you need, and we can design the space that fits your requirements.


Pole Barns are ideal for large vehicle indoor storage, with poured cement floors and winter-time protection for one vehicle or fifty!

If you're thinking about a Pole Barn, and wondering if it is right for your needs, call James Sparatta at 607-738-0377. He can get you on the right road.
*When we install your pole barn, 5-7 days is our usual schedule for an average size pole barn, say up to 20 x 40 feet. Larger pole barns may take longer. If you build from our kit, your work time will vary depending on your experience and the number of workers.