Cladding is the new Hot Trend for exterior design

Homeowners are realizing they can dramatically change the look of their home with cladding. Whether it is vinyl or new polypropylene siding or stone-pattern cladding, new and unique looks can be achieved just through the juxtaposition of these elements.

Cladding has been in vogue for many years, usually in the form of vinyl siding. The conventional wisdom was: vinyl siding for new structures. It was easy to install and gave the look of a traditional clapboard-sided home. You could choose from a variety of styles, including double-fours, double-fives and dutch lap. Vinyl siding was also used to freshen up older homes. Colored vinyl siding could replace future years of painting and repainting your house.

Now, rather than doing the "same thing" -- recreating the look of clapboards, only in vinyl -- homeowners are waking up to the fact that they can change the whole look of their home -- very cost-effectively. Cladding now comes in a variety of colors, textures, and profiles. You can have a stone "foundation" look accented by a contrasting color for the vinyl siding. You can accent the entrance to your home, or draw attention to another part of your home through the use of color and texture.

Tando cladding -- the Tando Difference. Whether you use Tando in conjunction with other exterior materials like natural wood, fiber cement, stucco or vinyl - or you use it exclusively - Tando always delivers: unmatched realism, unlimited creativity and unequaled moisture management with a lighter, more workable installation process.

Thanks to its proprietary process, TandoStone delivers a matte finish surface with unmatched UV protection against fading and uneven weathering. And the grit-finish enhances the authentic stone look! Tando meets the consumer’s need for low maintenance exteriors but without having to compromise on the natural beauty and realism of authentic cedar and stone. Tando leverages the installer’s creativity and desire to turn ordinary walls into breathtaking mixed material exteriors. Add to this the fact that Tando addresses and mitigates concerns around moisture management, and you really have the perfect cladding for your project!

Stop in to any HEP Sales or North Main Lumber store and let our trained salespeople advise you on the right cladding for your needs. They can explain to you the benefits of TandoShake and TandoStone cladding. And they can talk you thru the process of installing the cladding, it is easier than you might think. If you haven't been in to one of our locations, we're all over central New York and even in northern Pennsylvania, check us out at to find the HEP Sales location nearest you.